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The last 30 years have seen many advances in modern portfolio theory, asset management techniques, and trading. Most of these have been facilitated and put to practical use by the increasing power of computers.

Ivan Stux and Tom Bauer have been at the forefront of these ideas and their application. They each have over 25 years of industry experience and careers that span:
  • Top academia;
  • Real-world company and industry strategy; and
  • Cutting-edge research and investing.
Honed over decades of advances in technology, equity markets and quantitative investing, Stux Capitalís approach combines sophisticated statistical methods with broad-based economic analysis and judgment.

Stux and Bauer are supported by a team of talented analysts attracted to the firmís entrepreneurial culture and the opportunity to be exposed to the array of research, portfolio construction, and trading skills required to be a successful contributor to our investing process.

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